Payment process

In general, you have the option to choose between different payment methods. Your credit card or bank account will be debited immediately after your order has been processed, usually on the same working day.

Payment methods

The following payment options are available:

1. Invoice

Select the Santander purchase on account as payment method and send your order. After a successful credit check, your order will be confirmed. This usually takes only a few seconds. As soon as your goods have been dispatched, you will receive your invoice.

As soon as you have completed your order, you will receive an order confirmation, information about the shipment and the invoice. Santander will ask you to pay. You will receive all payment details with the payment request.

2. Amazon Pay

For payments with Amazon Pay, you can simply click on the button Pay via Amazon in the shopping cart. You can then select the desired payment method (e.g. credit card or direct debit) and the shipping address from your data stored with Amazon and complete your purchase with us.

3. PayPal

Register for free and deposit your bank account or credit card. Select PayPal when paying and you will be taken to a secure payment page. After you have paid, your item will be shipped without Oui seeing your bank details.

4. Credit Card

When paying online, you must provide your credit card number, expiry date and card verification number. Just by knowing this information, anyone can shop online under your name. So do not give them to unauthorised persons. Your PIN is not required by any reputable merchant.


If the return is successful, the credit will be credited back to the payment method originally used. Please allow for a processing time of approx. 2-5 working days.