About Us

WRSTBHVR is a BERLIN-based fashion house, bringing easy-to-wear tops and bottoms with outspoken artworks, mixing urban streetwear aesthetics with pop culture references. This signature style has quickly gained the likes and build a huge followership on social-media.

Since its launch in 2014 by Designer Fabian Altmann, the label has gradually evolved into a full ready to wear collection consisting of a range of tee shirts, sweatshirts, knits, bottoms, jackets and a denim line.

Besides their popular graphics and slogans, WRSTBHVR now also offers a line of bold and fast forward trends for all women who’ve got the confidence to just be themselves. From their headquarters in Berlin, the close Team of WRSTBHVR constantly develops new styles to serve the latest trends to their customers. All shoots are photographed by Fabian Altmann himself.

As the WRSTBHVR collections become ever more progressive, so this passion for innovation extends to the brand’s communications and creative projects. WRSTBHVR is currently sold in 17 countries and constantly expanding.